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Playing the drums, piano and double bass from an early age, Adam has become an in demand session player for both live and studio work. He has recently played for Attawalpa, Oh BrotherArthur Darvill, The Smooth Sailors, Lauren Spiteri and The Lonesome Frets.


As a composer Adam recently wrote the score for the film Deliver Me directed by Sam Swainsbury which is currently doing the festival circuit. He co wrote with Anthony Strong the songs "Early Bird" and "Falling In Love" for Anthony's album Stepping Out. As an actor musician Adam has worked as musical director on many theatre productions.

Below are a selection of recordings Adam has appeared on. To book Adam or enquire about anything music related please contact

Deliver Me - Full ScoreAdam Sopp
00:00 / 06:33

Keys for Attawalpa

Drum solo from Sunny Afternoon

Keys for Attawalpa

Keys for Oh Brother

Drums for Sunny Afternoon Album

Piano for The El Train

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